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Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore. Presidential Candidate.

Jim Gilmore: Preserving Our Second Amendment Rights

Written by Jim Gilmore, GOP Presidential Candidate - The Daily Caller. “Every state and the District of Columbia will be required to honor the concealed carry permits issued … [Read More...]

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Reduce Firearm Ownership, Say Anti-Gun “Researchers”

A new “study” by David Swedler, trained at the (gun control crusader Michael) Bloomberg School of Public Health, and co-authored by longtime anti-gun researcher David Hemenway, of … [Read More...]

IDPA, International Defensive Pistol Association

Competitive Shooters Vs. Defensive Shooters

They say timing is everything. Today, I agree. As I was deciding what to write about for this week when I received a DTI Quip from one of my most respected mentors John Farnam. … [Read More...]

However seemingly innocuous, the anti-gun groups will stop at nothing.

Anti-Gun Groups Demand A Slowdown In Firearms Sales

With Americans buying firearms at record-shattering levels and public opinion turning against gun control over the last few years, anti-gun groups and politicians are trying to … [Read More...]

More Firearms Will Mean Fewer Homicides, Says Public Safety Minister Rodolfo Aguilera

Panama Follows US Model: More Legal Guns Equal Less Crime

  Originally published in PanAm Post: Panama Public Safety Minister Rodolfo Aguilera said the country will follow in the footsteps of the United … [Read More...]


Part 2: Semi-Automatic Pistol: High Stress Situations

This is PART 2 of a 2 PART series in an attempt to help the shooter better prepare for high stress confrontations while using a semi-automatic pistol. In Part 1 we discussed two … [Read More...]

Armed citizens stop far more crimes from happening than the media want's you to know.

Gun Control “Study” Misses the Mark Badly on Lawful Self-Defense

Likely as a response to the growing number of American’s who have come to realize that having a firearm makes them safer, a blogger at the recently reported on a … [Read More...]

The thumbs are the largest and strongest digits of the hand. Thumb placement will depend upon location of safeties, slide stop levers, de-cocking levers, and magazine catches.

Part 1: High Stress Situations Using A Semi-Auto Pistol

The four primary fundamentals or components of defensive pistol marksmanship are Stance, Grips, Sights, and Trigger Control. An additional component of defensive pistol craft is … [Read More...]

Due to the unique recoil absorption properties of its SMC technology, the SSG Carbon is surprisingly lightweight, and its recoil absorption is unmatched

Steyr’s Game Changer: The SSG Carbon Rifle (VIDEO)

Steyr Arms, of Steyr AUG fame, has finally broken through a barrier that was previously only available to the LEO and Military markets. It has created a carbon fiber sporting or … [Read More...]

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno appeared to oppose allowing military personnel to be armed, saying “we have to be careful about over-arming ourselves,” because of the possibility of “accidental discharges"

Obama: No Support for Military Right-to-Carry

Additionally, and rather shamefully, no support from Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno. Predictably neither from Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety- Editor Support … [Read More...]

Don't be a victim. Prepare your home for the worst.

A Look At Preventing A Home Invasion

I can only imagine the horror associated with the frightening and potentially dangerous crimes that can occur to a family experiencing a home invasion. I believe the greatest … [Read More...]

Up to 6 million Americans could lose their gun rights to Obama.

Obama Social Security to Strip Millions from Gun Rights

As the L.A. Times reported this morning, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is currently developing a program to strip the Second Amendment Rights of over four million … [Read More...]

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