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Part 1: High Stress Situations Using A Semi-Auto Pistol

The four primary fundamentals or components of defensive pistol marksmanship are Stance, Grips, Sights, and Trigger Control. An additional component of defensive pistol craft is … [Read More...]

Stun Guns: 2nd Amendment Victory or Political Football?

On Monday, the Supreme Court released a per curiam opinion striking down the reasoning of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts in Caetano v. Massachusetts. To understand the … [Read More...]

Self Defense: Awareness Is Number One

It is not that difficult... Keeping yourself and your family safe is easier than you may think.  But, like so many things today we are always looking for a gimmick to make washing … [Read More...]

Women, Mindset and Self Defense, Part 1

The most experienced fighters in any discipline can lose a fight. The reasons can be a myriad of circumstances, missed opportunities, the list goes on. However, the most common … [Read More...]

Opinion: The 2nd Amendment and The Kool-Aid Drinkers

Paul R. Howe is a 20 year veteran and former Special Operations soldier and instructor.  Paul owns and is the leader instructor for Combat Shooting and Tactics (CSAT) CSAT has been … [Read More...]

Can I Still Get a Gun Trust?

After the recent Executive Order regarding the NFA, I have been asked many times: “Can I still set up a gun trust?”. You can, and the President alone cannot prevent you from doing … [Read More...]

Firearms Training Doesn’t Have to Be Madness

Well maybe not madness but trying to get better at shooting a firearm can be maddening.   After all, everyone you talk to is an expert.  Advice is never far away.  But what value … [Read More...]

When Should You Recycle Your Defensive Ammo?

On numerous occasions, students have questioned when they should recycle defensive handgun ammunition. Unfortunately, there is no one concrete answer. The answer depends on a … [Read More...]

Open Carry and Constitutional Rights

If you want to open carry a firearm, you best be polite. It also helps to know the law, your rights, and what to expect. To that end, we discuss Constitutional limitations on … [Read More...]

“Stand Your Ground” is as American as Apple Pie

More than 30 states support the concept of the “Castle Doctrine“, which gives citizens the right to protect themselves with deadly force in their own homes without first … [Read More...]

PUT IT ON TARGET: Handgun Shooting Fundamentals

We have all started our pistol shooting somewhere and generally speaking, we were taught by someone else in our lives. Yet there are a few of us out there who have ventured far … [Read More...]

Christmas: Keeping Our Children Safe

Christmas is just around the corner and I've had many people ask me for tips on keeping their children safe, given that holiday activities  are going to increase.  Obviously an … [Read More...]

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